Sublimation Process

The footprint of different dye sublimation printing services has drastically increased over the last few years and many new players have emerged in the market. When it comes to choosing a sublimation printing service things might not be as simple as they were a few years ago. It’s important that proper research is done before picking a printing service because the quality of printing makes all the difference. Today, sublimation printing services use different technologies and methods hence it’s crucial to select a printing method that favors the fabric and the budget. 

It’s important that the fabric that you need to be printed favors the printing process as many dye sublimation printing services use heat while dying the fabric and it might alter the nature of the fabric. One more thing that can make a difference is the quantity that is required to be printed as a sublimation printing service might be able to dye a limited number of products. Communicating with the sublimation printing services can help you have a better idea about the dying capabilities of the printing service. If the aim is to have different fabrics printed quickly in large quantities then you might need to consider different screen-printing services.

Private Labeling

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